View of the world and our place in it.

+LAB Architect PLLC, community engagement, experimentation and inquiry underpin our work in the built environment. We actively embrace new and traditional technologies to enhance building practice, build resilient capacities and inform our design trajectories. We do not see a distinct separation between design, building, materials, society and culture. Addressing social need or inequity taking on environmental concerns and serving those who cannot afford design services balance our view of the world.

Our work crosses a wide spectrum of uses and needs including architecture, planning, climate adaptive design, interior design, material testing and fabrication all fall within our interest and skill sets. Our work embraces all scales and locations

Hurricanestrong All Hazard Housing Solution

Hurricanestrong home is an all hazard design response that provides a resilient and sustainable solution that is relatable, attainable, and affordable for all families. The house is the result of using best practices and guidance from a broad spectrum of sources on resilient construction along with innovative industry collaborators. The house provides 4-dimentional resilience and is a prototype or artifact that can be cited as an example, serve as a platform for further innovation, and studied for long-term performance against shocks and stresses along with energy savings


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